For Sale, Rent, Floor in all your Real Estate, NOKTA Real Estate and Construction and Agencies Professional Services are provided by.

For your real estate;

Price evaluation of the property to be marketed,
Entering the Portfolio into our Real Estate Data Bank on the Internet,
Posterization of the properties for which marketing agreements have been made,
Providing service to customers who are looking for Sale and / or Rent
Signing a Kaparo agreement with the customers who meet the marketing conditions,
Arrangement of contracts and annexes in leases,
Finalizing the deed transactions in sales.

NOKTA Real Estate and Construction is carried out by expert staff.



As the Real Estate Portfolio increases in individuals or companies, many problems arise with it.

The most important of these are Municipality Relations, Development Developments and their reflections on the existing Real Estate Portfolio, Relations with the Tenants, Follow-up of the developments in the financial aspects of the transactions.



Regarding these;

Regular and continuous preparation of Management Consultancy Reports of the entire Portfolio,
Regular monitoring of tenant’s rent payments,
Following up the developments in the Municipality
Submission of Property Declarations,
Consultancy Services on Taxation arising from Leasing and Sales

NOKTA Real Estate and Construction is given by our expert staff.




In the real estate sector, legal problems are sometimes encountered in relations with individuals and official institutions.

Mastery, expertise and experience are of great importance in solving these problems.

Frequently needed in the sector;

Preparation of Lease Contracts, Contracts, Protocols and Commitments,
Follow-up of relations with tenants, follow-up of warnings and cases when necessary,
Follow-up of laws and regulations related to local administrations,
Legal and Commercial Litigation within the scope of Real Estate Portfolio
Legal Consultancy services and reports for Real Estate Portfolio

NOKTA Real Estate and Construction is given by our expert staff.




The Special Projects section of NOKTA Group of Companies has been created for the marketing of Residential, Commercial and Land projects which are characterized by their quality and size.

Special Projects Department cooperates with Agents in marketing of large scale Residential Projects, Plazas, Shopping Centers, whose marketing requires special knowledge and organization.

In addition, the Special Projects Department assigns its Agents in the Project region for the local marketing of the projects it organizes. Thus, these Specialized Projects are best marketed as soon as possible, in collaboration with the Special Projects Department Expertise NOKTA Group of Companies Organization and our Agencies.

APPRAISAL: Appraisal is required before all kinds of Rental and Sale Real Estate Marketing. The realism of prices, legal and technical aspects of the marketing stage can not be passed without the problem. All Appraisals are reported in writing if requested. If the Expertise Reports are requested in writing, reports are prepared and presented to the Owner.

MARKETING: As a result of the appraisal, in the real estate which is legally and technically problem-free, if it is agreed with the landlord for sale and / or rental prices, a tam full-time authorized marketing contract ”shall be concluded.

ADMINISTRATIVE AND FINANCIAL SERVICES: Within the scope of our services, the tüm Consultancy Contract içeren, which includes all the details, is made by clarifying the topics requested by the Owner.

LEGAL SERVICES: The M Consultancy Agreement içeren, which includes all the details, is made by clarifying the topics that the landlord wants, the attorneys are given a power of attorney by the landlord for the specified powers.

SPECIAL PROJECTS DEPARTMENT: Special Projects Department prepares a detailed F Feasibility and Consultancy Report asında after making a Preliminary Protocol with the Project Owner in the marketing of structures such as large-scale Residential Projects, Plazas, Shopping Centers whose marketing requires a special knowledge and organization. After this report, which is prepared for a fee, if the content of the Project and the Marketing main lines are understood, the Tek Single Authorized Marketing Contract ”is signed and the Marketing Study is started.



Real Estate Consultancy,

includes organizing or agreeing on all of the elements within the 5 main headings mentioned above, compiling the opinions and suggestions of the Authorities on each subject, examining the matters to be considered in portfolio management and presenting them to the approval of the Owner.

The financial aspects of all the above-mentioned issues, the rights and obligations of the Parties, are discussed separately in accordance with the demands of the Owner, the matters to be worked out in the relevant Service and Consultancy Contracts are specified, and the work is initiated by the parties.