There are so many things to do in North Cyprus, we are only able to show you a selection of different activities here, to suit the different people in your group or family and keep them happy.


For those still awake during the night time hours there are endless bars and clubs to choose from. The largest choice is to be found in the Kyrenia area and includes lounge bars indoor or outdoor dance clubs (depending on the season) most of which are a part of one of the hotels. Dress code is smart/dressy and the attendees compete to look the best. Drinks are more expensive in the clubs than the bars and there is often opportunity to be photographed for one of the loca levent news websites or publications. One of the most famous of these clubs is Cage Club, at Cratos Hotel in Catalkoy, just outside of Kyrenia.

For those not quite so awake (clubs do not open until 11-12 pm!!) there are great coffee shops to sit and socialise with others not so interested in alcohol. North Cyprus has a prominent coffee culture, with many young people preferring to sit with a cake and a coffee, and chat among themselves. Every main area has 2 or 3 large ‘costa coffee’ type venues, or smaller cafe style places to enjoy.


There are all types of restaurants to choose from, in all styles of locations. The menus range from Traditional local Cypriot dishes and kebabs (far superior to a European attempt at kebab however) through American chicken and burgers, to A la Carte. You can also find Indian, Chinese, Mexican, Lebanese and others. Traditional Cypriot cuisine is a long-collected mix of tastes and methods from many other cultures around Cyprus such as Ottoman, Middle Eastern, African and others, and should not be missed. Try a Cypriot breakfast, with a great display of dishes like this one at a village restaurant in the mountains at Ilgaz, West of Kyrenia. Breakfast at ilgaz

You can enjoy sitting up in the mountainside with panoramic views such as from the picturesque Kybele restaurant beside Bellapais Abbey or at the waters edge near the castle such as Eziç Peanuts restaurant. You can even sit out over the sea itself like at the Ambience restaurant in Karaoğlanoğlu.

Beach Clubs

Whatever your preference of beach style, be it sandy, rocky, deserted, crowded, with or without bars or water sports….North Cyprus has everything you are looking for.

Take the time to travel the coastline and you will find beaches and beach clubs to suit your taste.

On the east coast between Famagusta and the Karpaz you will find many sandy beaches with very shallow waters stretching long and wide. A few venues outside of the all-inclusive hotels offer a bar and sunbeds but generally this coast is empty and sandy.

Along the North coast, both east and West of Kyrenia, you will find rocky and sandy beaches, natural and empty such as the Turtle Beach at Alagadi or as beach clubs attached to hotels, such as Cratos beach or simply independent beach clubs like Camelot Beach. The beach clubs have a restaurant and bar, sunbeds, music and often water sports available. You will pay to enter and enjoy the facilities.

If you prefer some adrenaline and excitement or just want to occupy the kids, you can choose an aquapark at one of the hotels like the Acapulco Hotel and pay a Daily entrance fee and enjoy the same kind of experience as the beach clubs.


There are many shops and markets in North Cyprus, but most are not in shopping malls as they would be in larger cities. There is the City Mall in Famagusta with clothing, toys, household items and resturants and cinema, and the Airport Mall close to Ercan International Airport, but generally shopping is done in and around the towns. Here you will find excellent replica products of many well known brands such as Gucci, Chanel, Nike, Adidas and so on at very low prices.

For groceries there are some very large supermarkets such as Şah market in Catalkoy, a few km east of Kyrenia with a wide range of imported branded products and fresh produce.

Locals buy their fresh produce in the smaller village stores, sourced from local farmers, or from the Wednesday market in Kyrenia, which is held in a purpose built covered market area, selling the freshest farm produce you will find.

For very local items and an amazing cultural experience try one of the local village festivals held annually on various dates during the long summer season, always centered around one fruit or vegetable such as the Olive Festivak in Zeytinlik or the Orange Festival in Guzelyurt. Here you can sample local home made delicacies, buy hand made gifts, enjoy live music and watch traditional dance groups in a community atmosphere as the entertainment goes on each night.


For the adventurous types there are activities to get the adrenaline pumping. Tandem pargliding can be booked during the calm weather in he summer season, jumping together with a highly trained and qualified instuctor, from one of the highest points alıng the Beşparmak mountain range and slowly glidng down towards the sea with spectacular views along the islands coastline.

For those prefering lower altitudes there are water sports available in many beach clubs and hotels. Jet Skiing, parasailing, banana boats, rings and more can keep you and the older kids occupied while the others in your group relax in the sun.

For the landlubbers among you, yo uca still get your adrenaline fix at the go-kart track in Lefkoşa. Take a 10 minute race around the track either to beat your own time, or to compete against others in your group and take the pole position.

Family time

For all kids and adults alike there are more activities to do that do not involve any danger but lots of fun. Play a few games at the Kings Bowling Centre, Kyrenia and test your skills on the lanes. Then go downstairs and enjoy the range of shooting, driving, riding, throwing and arcade games while the youngest kids can play in the soft play castle area and Mum and Dad can enjoy a drink in the cafe.

There are cinemas in each town area, with all the newest films in English and Turkish language, even 3D VIP seating screens.

For the whole family and the greatest way to experience the beautiful coastline and mountain range views is by boat. Take an old pirate ship style gullet boat from the Kyrenia old harbour and cruise along the sea, stopping in various moorings to swim and eat a hearty lunch, or relax and sunbathe on the sunbeds on deck, while enjoying a beer or a cocktail from the bar.

There are always things to do in North Cyprus, come and visit us on a FREE inspection trip and see for yourself.