NORTH CYPRUS offers unique opportunities for purchasing property. At the beginning of these, you need to start off with the slogan “Buy real estate, connect to Europe”. With the location of Northern Cyprus and the European Union Studies, one of your feet will be in Europe from now on.

As Nokta Estates, we do not only serve you to buy and sell real estate. Aside from selling turnkey homes, we also offer you a turnkey life. In Northern CYPRUS, we provide you with all the necessary conditions for life in a new country.

* Your Official Transactions
The first and most important point where you can notice the privilege of buying real estate from us. We provide all the necessary facilities for you professionally in all kinds of official affairs and provide an excellent infrastructure for you to live here.

* Your Residence Permit
With the advantage of buying real estate in Northern CYPRUS, is to benefit from the convenience of a residence permit to live in Northern Cyprus. We bring the necessary official and session processes to your feet so that you can live here without any problems.


Northern CYPRUS provides the best services in the field of healthcare. We also provide you with all kinds of convenience for you to benefit from these advantages, and we assist you in sourcing the best of healthcare services, both from private and government establishments.

Education is one of the most important points that come to mind when NORTH CYPRUS is mentioned. Students coming from various parts of Europe and the world for the quality of education here are proof of this. Even in kindergarten and junior school stages, organisations that meet European standards offer all kinds of services for your children to take a firm step into the future.

As NOKTA Real Estate and Construction,early-childhood-education-okul-oncesi-egitimi if you buy real estate from us, you should be sure that we will do our best to carry both you and your children to a good future. We are with you at every stage from school elections to teacher meetings. Even before you do, we will be happy to do our research accordingly and direct you to the most elite preferences.