100_6553We, as NOKTA Group of Companies, have a high quality proven track record with our numerous services in the Construction Department. We continue to serve you with stronger, more innovative structures with the motivation we receive from ongoing projects.




To date, Nokta Construction has completed more than 300 housing projects in NORTHERN CYPRUS. Our customers include Turkish, Russian, British, Italian, Swedish, Kazakh, Ukrainian, Azeri, Iranian, Iraqi, Kenyan, Pakistani, American, Irish and many other people. Nokta Construction provide services at every stage of the construction including sales and operation control, property reports, land to investors who want to invest in property, from land development to key-ready property. From the selection of your North Cyprus land for sale to the establishment and development of all connections until you reach your new property, we understand every detail.

We can help you to renovate your property from interior design to exterior changes. We can also do research for you on the planning of a project (off-plan) and on the re-sale of the property.

Property Maintenance services in NORTH CYPRUS

In addition to our experience in all aspects of construction in North Cyprus, we also provide the best service for maintenance and repairs of your property. The maintenance of the pool, garden and property can be provided as either a one-off or regular package. All our colleagues working at NOKTA Group of Companies are fully trained and equipped to provide you with the highest standards of property and construction services in Northern Cyprus.