Some of the TRNC banks can offer overseas buyers a mortgage in order to purchase their North Cyprus property.

Interest Rates are usually around 8-9% and buyers can borrow up to 50% of the purchase price of the property, enabling some overseas buyers to complete purchase of a property they may otherwise not have been able to afford to buy outright.


There are limits on the purchase price and some other conditions that must be met. Nokta Estates can help you make your application with the bank and follow it up with you, providing assistance with any valuation reports or other papers that are required by the bank during the process.

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Payment Plans

Another alternative financing method is a Payment Plan provided directly by the property developer. These are often more flexible than a mortgage and can be approved in some cases for up to 7 years.

When purchasing an off-plan property, ‘stage payments’ are usually required. These are set according to the stages of construction and enable a buyer to spread the cost of the property over the period of construction which is usually around 12-18 months. When each stage of construction is completed, the developer will request your payment for that stage – often 15-20% of the purchase price. This continues until the property is fully ready for handover, at which time the final 10% payment will be requested.

The other type of payment plan is applied to key-ready properties available direct from the developer. These will usually be agreed on a lump-sum deposit basis, with the remaining balance spread over an agreed period. So for example, a deposit of 50% of the property price, with the balance payable over a 5 year period at an interest rate of 8%

Nokta Estates sales staff are fully trained in all aspects of the buying process and can negotiate on your behalf to help you achieve the best and most comfortable deal for your financial situation.


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