The Advantages of North Cyprus over other Sunny Destinations

North Cyprus has many attractions to those coming from European countries, besides the beautiful climate with more than 300 days of sunshine every year.


Healthcaredental care in north cyprus

Here in North Cyprus, we have modern and affordable healthcare, with the latest Technologies and state of the art medical facilities due to the fact that they have been built and developed during the last 2-3 years as the demand has risen.

Some of these clinics and hospital departments are attached to Medical Faculties at Universities so they enjoy all the latest techniques and treatments as science and medicine continuously advances all over the world.

The cost difference to the patient or customer is significant when you compare these costs in your own country. Not only do you get more for your Money because the Turkish Lira exchange rate is weak to the Pound, Dollar or Euro, but the actual cost is lower in any case. Double savings all round!

Many Scandinavians are booking their regular check ups and dental treatments for during their holiday visit and saving themselves almost enough money to book another trip!


Necat British College AlsancakInternational Education Options

There are a number of International schools here in North Cyprus offering all lessons in English, following an English curriculum. The English School of Kyrenia in Bellapais is very popular for both local Turkish Cypriot children and for foreign residents.

There is also the Necat British College in Alsancak on the West side of Kyrenia, offering a similar education to local and foreign residents also.

Nokta can help you with relocation and finding schools and even arrange interviews for you.


Cost of Living in North Cyprus

Due to the amount of locally grown fresh produce in the greenest areas of North Cyprus and the Cypriot trend to use only seasonal fruits and vegetables in their speciality dishes, the cost of eating is very low in comparison to countries where imported items are the norm.

Add to this the exchange rate for those spending foreign currency against the Turkish Lira and you acheive a situation where you can enjoy the highest standard of living, for less than you would spend at home in your own country.

Let us give you some examples of this :massage and lunch offer


A day at a beach club, with 50 minute Shiatsu massage, lunch and 2 drinks included will cost you only 295 Turkish Lira – only 45 Euro!!  (exchange rate as at June 2019)





Follow Me Restaurant Karmi




At a local Cypriot kebab restaurant, dinner for family of 4, (1 drink included) will cost approximately 260 TL (40 Euro!!)






Local Turkish Beer



1 local beer from the supermarket costs 6 TL (1 euro!) but you can expect to pay 13-17 TL at a bar.




Kent Switch cigarettes



For those of you that still smoke cigarettes, these are very cheap at only 14 TL for a packet of 20.




Seeded Turkish Cypriot bread



A loaf of soft, freshly made bread costs 2 TL (0.3 Euro)