mes-zeyt7Why North Cyprus?

North Cyprus, with the advantages of its strategic position, offers a business environment that provides convenient and equal opportunities for domestic and foreign investors.

With its greatly improved infrastructure, North Cyprus is the most attractive region for your investments. Along with the quality of the business environment, North Cyprus also provides various investment incentives for direct investments. Its small but fast growing economy, also provides many economic advantages to both domestic and foreign buyers.

The extraordinarily high number of universities provide a young, qualified labour force with multilingual high reading levels offering another advantage to investors in North Cyprus. In terms of both cultural and linguistic proximity to the closest neighbor, with a population of 90 million people, Turkey is the most important level of manpower resources.

The political stance in North Cyprus is that of a future solution on the current separation of the island and holds the vision of the European Union. It is expected that there will be significant developments in the investment climate and investments together with the political progress which will occur in the positive direction on the island.

We would like to inform our investors that there are constructive and supportive government policies in place in North Cyprus for both domestic and foreign investors with the aim of improving the business environment. In doing so, this provides a stable and growing housing market, ideal for relocation or secong home purchases by overseas individuals.